The situation facing most emerging growth companies in the World today is that there is a critical need for early round financing, yet most of these companies do not qualify for institutional funds.

Traditional lending institutions demand unrealistic criteria in terms of Guarantee and Collateral requirements; this practice effectively eliminates the vast majority of those seeking Capital.

Yet last year there was a record number of new businesses funded with a record amount of Loan Guarantee from Investor Group and Financial Institutions. Somebody is getting financed somewhere. Who?, Where? and How?

If you want to obtain financing for investment, construction and other private projects Do you know how? Do you know where to go? BLUEHEAVEN FINANCIAL SERVICE uses the Credit Enhancement Process to understand and accentuates the positive aspects of each project.

BLUEHEAVEN FINANCIAL SERVICE knows where the funds are and which lender or investors has interes in your proyect. Together they invested nearly US $100 Billion into emerging companies last year, those companies seeking start up or expansion capital. This is accomplished by utilizing a exclusive technology-enabled network of Investors Groups and Financial Institutions.       

BLUEHEAVEN FINANCIAL SERVICE primary service for its clients, is facilitating long-term financing by assisting them in obtaining Guarantees and Collateral that are acceptable to the International Banking Community. BLUEHEAVEN FINANCIAL SERVICE has developed an approach to business finance that brings in creative thinking, to help secure solid commitment Guarantees and Collaterals for long term Business Loans. The Directors and Representatives of BLUEHEAVEN FINANCIAL SERVICE have assisted many private businesses in different countries throughout the world over the last several years.

Our REQUIREMENTS, carefully selects in four Banking days suitable Investors Groups for your project based on a series of detailed investment criteria. This method of "Computer Global Model", looking the Investor Group and Financial Institution to secure solid commitment Guarantees for long term Business Loans and funding your project. BLUE HEAVENFINANCIAL SERVICE saves you immeasurable amounts of time and money by moving you to the front of the line of Guarantees and Funds.

If you are serious about raising capital for your business, have a clear vision, and can document your plan of action, BLUE HEAVEN FINANCIAL SERVICE can help you secure the right financier. We have Investor Groups and Financial Institutions that are actively seeking projects that are well thought out and able to project a substantial profit margin. Investor and lenders interests span a wide variety of industries and high-growth markets.

By submitting a we will be able to assess the viability of placing an Investor Group with your project. Please be advised that there is no set minimum or maximum amount. Please do not submit a "PROJECT INFORMATION FORM", if you can not justify that amount in your Plan.