1. Client Mailing Address, Telephone, Fax numbers and E-mail address.

2. Application and amount required in US $ Currency.

3. Purpose for the Monies.

4. Collateral available.

5. Proposed Method of Repayment (when applicable).

6. Resume and Financial Statements of Principals, Bank References, Stock, etc.

7. Revenue Forecasts (projections) and Cash Flow Analysis.

8. Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements for the past three years (if an established business operation).

9. Any other pertinent information you feel would be beneficial, such as Brochures, News Clippings, Surveys and studies of the Project, etc.

10. Summation (OverView) in letterform, covering the items which you feel give your requirements the substance and viability to warrant funding.

11. Copy of formation documents and good standing certificate of the firm applying.

Please include all pertinent items of the mentioned list, in order to present to the Lender Bank, in sequence to make the Planning of Closing and Funding, after signature of the Bank Agreement and when the Letter Commitment has been emitted by the Financial Institution, with the Endorsement of the Investor Group.